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Place the phone in the holder or lean it against the glass.
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8 December 2019
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This is the app you need to download and use if you want to alert your vehicle if the vehicle in front of you stops.

Video Motion Detector , alarms generates , movement and indicates the operating history.

Motion Detector is a smart , easy-to-use application that automatically detects movement using your device’s camera . When you turn on the motion detector , you can observe any movement or changes in your camera field for the camera screen overlay. Additionally , you can receive operating sounds and set alarms. Create alarms sounds , the available places will result in a phone call.

Key Features In this App 

* The motion detector automatically detects any movement or change and plots the rectangles around them on the device screen.

* Motion detector draws a motion icon on the screen when a movement is detected.

* Motion detector draws motion history by circles on the device screen. So , you can have information about complete ways of goals. Besides , you may find yourself moving towards or away from you.

* Motion detection applications, the main problem , the observation of the wave when the devices. These give false alarms. Motion detector application has a specially designed algorithm to reduce this drawback.

* User can set options for motion sound , motion overlay and motion history.

* User can set alarm and alarm duration.

* Images can be optionally saved in case of user movement or alarm. Users can check these images later.

* The amount of motion detected when the motion detector motion icon is displayed exceeds the limit set by the user. The motion detector drives the operating sound at a rate proportional to the amount of movement detected.

* The motion detector raises the alarm sound and displays an alarm icon if the amount of detected movement exceeds a certain time limit set by the user. The alarm level continues at user-set intervals.

* Live settings ; It has a subcommittee for setting up items that the user can handle during the motion detection process. Live settings can be reached by clicking on the Motion Detector window.

How to use this App

* Adjust the device facing your device camera to the area you want to monitor.

* Launch the Motion Detector app.

* After the start of the countdown motion detection.

Settings ;

Motion Detection

* Pixel Threshold: Threshold for extreme contrast. Small values ​​will give a higher sensitivity detection , but may cause noise and excessive detection.

* Volume size%: Percentage of analysis volumes. Smaller volume size values ​​will give a higher sensitivity detection , but may cause noise. Small values ​​will give a higher sensitivity detection , but may cause noise and excessive detection.

* Trigger area: The amount of minimum operating area to be taken care of.

* Save image on motion: Capture image on motion or not.


* Alarm: On / Off.

* Alarm time to trigger: Run time required to create alarm.

* Alarm period: Alarm period.

* Alarm sound: Enable or disable alarm sound.


* Camera selection: Allows the user to select the rear or the camera where available.

* Operating Rectangles: Whether or not to draw motion rectangles on the device screen.

* Operating History: Whether or not to draw operating history bubbles on the device screen.

* Publish WiFi messages: Monitor the motion detector through the WiFi network where available. This service enables WiFi publishing for available devices. A device verified with this option emits state information to other devices during motion detector operation.

* Shake Sensitivity: Sensitivity level for shaking the device. The motion detector stops motion detection if the device is shaken , thus preventing false alarms. The user can select high , medium or low sensitivity.

Motion detector in traffic jams. Now you can sleep peacefully!

Place the phone in the holder or lean against the mirror.

Press START aimed at the vehicle in front of the vehicle .

As soon as the machine in front of you starts moving , the application will start playing .

With two fingers you can increase and decrease the size of the target square. One finger can move it around the screen.

Movement is monitored only within the marked square.

There is a scale setup intensity. If the car cabin moves too far out of the air and passes cars , adjust the threshold of the signal with this slider.

If three bells are turned on , the application will give a signal until you press the stop button. If you press a bell , the signal will be sent until there is movement in the target square.

The night mode works the same way. In front of the parked car , it is necessary to direct a scope square at the red marker lights. To avoid false alarms from passing cars , the carpet responds only to the red of the stop lights or side lights.

Review of Truck Motion Detector  Mod Apk

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The aiyayirattirkum more to be downloaded using the best ideas a Outstanding approved the vehicle’s front cell vehicle movements each immediately after your phone and your gaze will show This will be your best friend.


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