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April 23, 2021
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This is a great survival game that helps you learn how to escape from great dangers. Action game with RPG elements in the terrible world of the post apocalypse. More than 500 thousand downloads have been made on mobile and computer devices . A great post-apocalyptic world with a variety of quests !!! The perfect craft method !!! Assemble your power armor and more , at maximum settings with amazing graphics technology.

An action game with RPG elements , a world of radiation , hunger and disease in a terrible post-apocalyptic world . Only a handful survived the deadly attack that struck the planet from space , but after a while a new catastrophe began to threaten the survivors. The main character , the choice of the North-community , has to deal with it.

The world of the post-apocalypse. Survival begins when the first person to survive is shot. Sun Origin: Post Apocalyptic Operation – First Person Sniper with RPG elements of its own history , hundreds of missions , weapons and armor , trade , battle groups , mutants , bandits and broilers. Explore the world with numerous locations , from merchants to buy better weapons and upgrade. You only need the best equipment! After all , your main goal is to save your community from starvation. Let the struggle for survival begin !!!

2050 In the year , the sun in space, unleashed a devastating power , which for centuries immersed in the chaos of our civilization wave power. Guessed the scientific community for many years , their warnings were ignored by world leaders , instead of fought over small regional concerns.

When the energy wave hit the earth , the storm of radioactive particles covered the atmosphere into a deadly , cancerous fog. The fog killed indiscriminately … young , old , rich and poor all fell equally. Listen to warnings , abandoned trenches, not only rescued the refugees. When their supplies were finally finished and these communities were forced to leave their shelters , they found a new world in ruins and chaos. A world changed by the laws of civilization and the law of guns. Some areas that still had clean water and farmland were captured by ruthless warriors and their forces.

Only in this world will a warrior called Raven emerge. A warrior who bends the barren land to his will and saves his people. A warrior who will one day become a legend.This is a challenge! The world of the Apocalypse or you ? Dear players! This game is so hard! The Sun Origin: post-apocalyptic action RPG If you like playing games , pleasant pastime find another sport. This is hell in this game! Some players can survive in the difficult conditions of the Westland from the start of the project! If you decide to try, but still , you have radiation , poisoning , thirst and hunger do not die, do not complain in the comments! Don’t say no one is warning you! For the most attentive players the Sun will have no problem surviving in the world: Origin! Good luck! Recommended for you.

Review of  The Sun Origin: Post-apocalyptic action shooter Mod Apk

The game has a 4.1 star rating on the Play Store , as well as 31k + users. This is the best action and thriller survival games. It sets you up to protect yourself from embarrassment. The Sun Origin is a great game to improve users’ survival. It is a game that needs to be played to enjoy the day .

What's new

- Fixed bug with grenades;
- Other fixes and improvements.



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