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Varies with device

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⚙No repetitive tasks for you, let your Android device handle it!⚙ Total Automation, From Settings to SMS.
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Varies with device
14 May 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Automatically update all the update files you need to pick up your phone and properly sort photos, videos, videos, and more. Opin Tasker is a great app that will automatically download and use your WhatsApp video, Facebook video and other downloadable apps and files. On your phone

Automate everything from settings to photos to SMS talk This app is the ADC2 Prize winning app for the best app.There are no recurring tasks on your devices for you , let your Android device handle it automatically! Automate all applications from basic data to total automation , settings to SMS to videos.

Here are some things you can do with Tasker. Its real power lies in the flexibility to combine the environments and tasks you want:

Use example cases Follow the method that automatically highlights any of your searches today.


Turn your phone into a real smart phone! Why not remember to resize every day when you leave home while your phone does your chores for you ?

Automate items based on your usage , day time , your location , your WiFi network , incoming SMS or calls , currently running song and more than 130+ states and languages ​​and events

See how easy it is to create automation: Click the “Your First Profile” video.

Your Application Actions

350+ actions allow you to truly personalize your phone like never before ! Send SMS messages , notifications, create , Wi-Fi tetar , Dark Mode , always put them on display , no zoom , do not disturb , apps open , file manipulation , music, movement and control , your location and get … idea. If you can think of it , Tasker can do it for you!


No root for most operations (I did not do it again). However , some processes , such as flight mode operation and mobile data activity on some devices, require root to be used by travelers who remember that Android developers’ security policies may not work .

  • Other Triggers

Manually trigger your actions with boot shortcuts , quick setup tiles , widgets , long press volume buttons , media buttons on your BT headsets or headphones , picky button , navigation menu , notification and more!

  • Add – Remote taskar

Join (Get Here) Adding a combination will allow you to trigger tasks from another Android device or computer!


Your own UI on the design , any information you want to display or use it to trigger any occupation!

  • Application Creation

Create your own complete applications to share or sell with Tasker App Factory (get it here)!

Developer friendly

Many 3- to-party developers already allows you to do things in their applications and by taskar their events / states ask!

Check out some of them: Click on the Plug-in list.

You can invite most web APIs from Tasker with powerful HTTP authentication and HTTP request functions ! Take a look at an example of HTTP authentication and request video using the same method at no charge

7 day trial – one time fee to open

Get it here: Click to test

Useful links

For privacy policies. https://tasker.joaoapps.com/privacy.html

Starter Guides: Click Here

Pre-made projects:

Click here

Click here for the official support forum

Tasker Community: Click Here

Issues reported via Play Store comments cannot be fixed , so use the “Report Issue to Developer” option in the application menu.


Tasker uses BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission to provide system lock functionality .

Review of Tasker Mod Apk 

This app is a great example for you to use your cell phone application or normal applications with automatic lid and you can select the people you need and you can put them in auto mode and you can stop various applications and unwanted hands from running backwards so that any settings running day or unwanted apps can drain your battery capacity.

You will have to pay a fee of Rs. 399 in Indian currency to use this app, which is exclusive to show you a notification and stop him immediately if you are in the process of emptying it. However, Apple has the facility to refund your payment if you are not satisfied with the app for seven days.

More than 50,000 people have downloaded and provided the best asana advice and many who have used this system have given it a 4.9 star rating. It’s worth noting that Apple has developed many fake apps, but this app is still uniquely capable and it’s true that once you use your phone in auto mode and focus on other tasks while you save your work, you will work even more enthusiastically.

What's new

Release video: https://bit.ly/tasker5_12_video
Comment: https://bit.ly/tasker5_12_comment
- Sleep Tracking: react to falling asleep
- Easy JSON/HTML/XML/CSV reading
- Parse and Format Date and Times
- Simple Matching and Regex to extract data from any text
- Array functions (and helper!)
- Arrays Merge
- Tick event
- SD Card/USB support for Android 11+
- Favorite Actions
And much more! Check out the video for details!



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