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Neutron is an advanced music player with audiophile-grade platform-independent 32/64-bit audio engine which is being developed for more than 10 years to provide Hi-Fi experience on any platform!
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10 May 2021
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Do you want to enjoy every music very realistically? Do you want to know how the composers record the song in which houses? Do you want to listen and enjoy the songs in the same houses where the composers recorded and if you think it’s okay if you have an app that increases your interest in music then this is the app you should download and use.

The only real Audiophil music player with hi-fi audio rendering and DSP engine

Neutron-grade platform-independent in the atiyohp 32/64- bit audio engine is an advanced music player , a Hi-Fi experience on any platform for 10 years, has developed over!

It releases high-res audio directly to the internal DAC (including USB DAC) and provides an excellent set of DSP effects for audio conversion. All DSP effects, including neutron and uninterrupted playback, are used to transmit audio data to network renders ( UPnP / DLNA, Chromecast) .

It has a unique PCM-to-DST real-time oversampling mode (supported by DAC) , so you can play your favorite music in DST resolution.

Neutron has a special user interface with advanced functionality and is designed for those who like audiophiles and music!

Key Features Given For This App

* 32/64- bit high-res audio processing (HD audio)

* OS and operating system independent decoding and audio processing

* High-res audio support (up to 32- bit, up to 768 kHz):

– Devices with high-res audio DAC on board

– tiepikkal: aipaco DX 150 DX 220, Cayenne a 5- to my 5 Gears , Fillon X 5 X 7 M 6 M 11, hyphy R 6 (+ Pro)

* Bit-perfect background

* Supports all audio formats

* Native DSD (Direct or DOP) , DSD

* Multi-Channel Native DSD ( 4.0 – 5.1: ISO , DFF , DSF)

* All D.S.T.

* DSD to PCM decoding

* DSD formats: DFF , DSF , ISO SCD / DVD

* Volume music formats: MOD, IM, XM, S3M

* Voice audio format: SPEEX

* Playlists: CUE, M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM, XSPF, WPL

* Song (LRC files , metadata)

* Streaming audio (Internet radio streams , aiskast , Sh out tkast playing)

* Supports large media libraries

* Network music sources:

– SMB / CIFS network device ( NAS or PC, Samba shares)

– UPnP / DLNA Media Server

– SFTP ( over SSH ) server

– FTP server

– WebDAV Server

* Chromecast output ( 24- bit , 192 kHz range , a pattern or the DSP effects are not limited to)

* UPnP / DLNA media renderer to the output ( 24- bit , 768 kHz range , a format for the range or the DSP effects are not)

* Direct output to USB DAC ( via USB OTG adapter , up to 32- bit, up to 768 kHz )

* UPnP / DLNA Media Renderer Server (Spacing , DSP Effects)

* Device local music library management via the internal FTP server

* DSP effects:

– Parameter balancer 4-60 band , fully configurable: type , frequency , Q , gain

– Graphic EQ mode ( 21 presets)

– Frequency feedback correction , 5000+ AutoEx presets for 2500+ headphones , user defined

– Surround Sound Ambiophonic Race

– Best stereo sound concept in crossfit headphones

– Compression / Limit Compression correction of the dynamic range

– Time delay loudspeaker timing adjustment

– Reduction (reduction of size

– Pitch , tempo background speed and pitch correction

– Phase reverse channel polarity change

* Filters that protect the speaker overload: subsonic , ultrasonic

* Reboot gain from metadata before gain calculation after DSP effects normalized by peak , RMS

* Intermittent background

* Hardware and Preamp module controls

* Crossfat

* High quality real-time custom restoration

* Realtime spectrum , wave form , RMS analyzers

* Balance (L / R)

* Mono mode

* Profiles (multiple configurations)

* Background modes: shuffle , rotation , single track , sequence , sequence

* Playlist management

* Media Library Team: Album , Artist , Composer , Category , Year , Rating , Folder

* ‘ Album Artist ‘ genre artist group

* Tag editing: MP3, FLAC, OGG, APE, SPEEX, WAV, WV, M4A, MP4 ( internal , SD [partial support] , SMB, SFTP)

* Folder mode

* Clock mode

* Timers: Sleep , wake up

* Android Auto

Note:Try the previous free version before purchasing!

NEON optimal APK for 32- bit ARM CPU :   Support on all mobile devices

Report bugs directly via email or forum.


http: // neutronmp. கம / forum

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How to use the app on sites such as The music tricks and motion applications provided by this app are uploaded as videos and visual recordings for your perusal.

Review of  Neutron Music Player Mod Apk

This app is a great boon for musicians, music lovers and music lovers as it has been updated to look like all the music related notes coming from every music device in every place. This app will further enhance your interest in music and the composer will use any music technique.

This app gives you the feeling of listening to a song on the same instrument you set the music to with the instrument. You have to pay Rs. 699 in Indian currency to get the music experience by downloading this app and more than one lakh people from all over the world have downloaded and used this app and given it the rating as the best app.

Users have rated this app 4.6 star rating and commented that it is the best and you can download this app. If you have only 32mb of memory capacity on your phone is enough and this app will be the best app for you to listen and enjoy every nuance of music in a very efficient and realistic way is the opinion of the users who have downloaded and used this app.

What's new

* Support fractional time below 0 for Attack and Release of Compressor DSP
* Indicate when reached tracklist's start/end when switching with Prev/Next
* Improved handling of the Shuffle mode when switching Prev/Next
* Show category icon in Playing Now when Album-Art is visible
! Fixed:
- Dither and AGP UI can be indicating stale On state
- rare crash when disabling local FTP server
- occasional crash when clearing tracklist with Clear from UI
- crash if switching tracks quickly
- ...


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