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This super-simplistic Neony icon pack with linear theme over 5000+ icons, It's one of the freshest icon packs you could think of.
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8 April 2021
5.0 and up
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Want to have a different experience every time you turn on your phone ? Want to colorize your touchscreen ? Would n’t it be nice to have an icon pack of diverse themes and different colors ? Wouldn’t it be great if more than 5,000 icons could be found in one place ? Yes the Line X Icon Pack is a processor designed specifically to give you an experience that is new every time you bring the phone to life.

The LineX Iconback is a neon version of the LineX linear iconbox. This is one of the new icon packs you can expect.

Neon Icon Pack contains a unique line laineks stailaik , icons, they are truly unique and like being out of the box , it creates the appearance of strange in the digital era. Line X has 5000+ icons and many high quality wallpapers to enhance the touch screen look of your phone with a multi-colored icon .

Fill your phone’s screen with unique line icons. Each icon is a true masterpiece , and it is designed to create a perfect and pure distinctive linear style experience. Each Icon Pack is a unique one with excellent creativity aimed at enhancing the look of your cell phone touch screen. Designed with a creative mix, this processor is extra special for getting wallpaper that matches the icons.

This is the best linear style icon pack available in the market.

Recommended settings and launcher

Initiator: Noah. Set icon default from settings.

  • Icon Size

> You want small icons , the size of 85% as set

> If you want larger icons , set the size to 100% – 120% .

How to use this icon pack ?

Step 1: Install the supported theme launcher

Step 2: Open the LineX Icon Pack and go to the application area and select the launcher to apply.

If your launcher is not listed , be sure to use it from your boot settings.

Icon Pack Support Launchers

Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • Apex • Shaking • eviyet • CM Theme Engine • GO • Holo Launcher • Holo HD • LG Cookie • lucit • M Launcher • Mini • Next launcher • naukat Launcher • Nova Launcher (recommended) • Smart Launcher • Separate Initiator • V Initiator • ZenUI Zero • ABC Initiator.

Icon pack support launchers are not included in the application section

துவ Microsoft Launcher • Aero Launcher • ASAP Launcher • Kobo Launcher • Line Launcher • Mesh Launcher • Peak Launcher • Z Launcher. Kuyiksi Launcher • iTop Launcher • KK Launcher • MN initiator • New Launcher • S Launcher • Open Launcher • Pogo Launcher

This icon pack has been tested , and it works with these launchers. You may not find the matching area on the dashboard. You can use the Icon Pack from the theme setting.

This icon pack has been tested , and it works with these launchers

Additional notes: • icon pack to work requires an initiator.

Google Now launcher does not support any icon packs.

Review of LineX Icon Pack Mod Apk

It is imperative that we update ourselves and our technological devices to keep pace with the pace of time and the changing pace of technological development. The Lion X Icon Pack helps to enhance the touch screen of your mobile phone.

This icon bag is designed in a technology called Linear Neon so it is compatible with all types of mobile models. With over 5 thousand eyes you can change the theme of your screen every day as you wish as your screen has evil eyes as you see fit. Also the wallpaper is given as per the icon. Each icon is a masterpiece that speaks of great creativity. To get the processor that has been downloaded by more than one lakh people around the world, pay Rs 80 in new currency value and download the processor with 4.6 star code.

What's new

April // 3.7
• 25 New Most Requested Icons (Total 5250+)
• New & Updated Activities
Please take a moment and support further development by giving us a 5star ♥ THANKYOU ♥

March // 3.6
• 25 New Icons

February // 3.5
• 34 New Icons

January // 3.4
• 34 New Icons

• 34 New Icons

• 35 New Icons

• 18 New Icons

• 23 New Icons

• 25 New Icons

• 25+ New Icons

• 50+ New Icons

• 100+ New Icons

• 110+ Icons
Initial Release with 3500 Icons


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