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This is just a PRO Key, you will need Kustom Live Wallpaper app too!
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25 July 2019
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Do you want to download exclusive wallpapers for your phone ? Are you not satisfied with downloading various wallpapers ? Need Your Wallpapers In High Quality HD Effect ? And do you think you need an app to send notifications to your mobile every week that wallpapers are updated every time ? If so this is the wallpaper app you should use.

Create your own live wallpaper or view thousands of presets already made

This is a PRO key , this wallpaper app includes all the features you need for a custom live wallpaper application.

Unique your Android launcher with Custom , the most powerful live wallpaper ever created by this app company. Its amazing WYSIWYG editor with all kinds of what you see to create your own designs and display any data you need at once , with awesome animations . If you are looking for Rainmeter or Kangi on Android , this app is the one that needs the widget to set these wallpapers though , but is it powerful ? If the  KWGT see.

Unlock the following plugins in KLWP by purchasing the KLWP Pro key 

– For the removal of ADS and

With the support of Dev

– Open import from SD and all outer skins

– Allow skins to be exported to SD and create APK preset packages

– Save the world from alien invasion because this is a fully approved app by the Government of India.

With this app you can customize digital and analog clocks by hand with seconds , animated patterns , live graphical background , weather window , object wallpaper , text wallpaper , sophisticated CPU / memory meter , approximate dynamic images , scrolling images , gyroscopic effect , and more Uniquely Available Imagination is the exclusive investment behind this wallpaper and there is no limit to the products of your wallpaper.

Support Initiators 

Launcher support

Animations only work on launchers that fully support Android standards , so Google  Launcher and Nova Launcher , for example , are fully supported. Some people may still have problems , but now the only launcher with problems is the GO launcher, which can not be fixed by this app.

You will receive:

Contains a widget with some failures and some component custom to get started.

– Text with custom fonts , colors , sizes and effects

– ovals , rekts , arks , triangles , eksakankal and many forms

– 3D flip transformations , curved and curved text

– Gradient , shadows , tiling and color filters

– Jupiter like progress bars and series

– Layers with overlay effects such as pro image / photo editors (blur , clear , xor, contrast , concentration)

– Touch Actions / Hotspots on any object you create

– Support your favorite vector graphics with PNG / JPG / WEBp image and SVG scalable

– Google App that includes fitness support sections , calories , steps , distance , sleep.

– Animations like fading , scaling and scrolling are available as updates based on screen position , accelerometer , touch , and events .

– Magnetic sensors / gyroscope support for wallpaper motion or objects animations

– A complex programming language with functions , conditions, and global variables

– Change wallpaper based on time , location , weather , anything!

– Dynamic download of content via HTTP , live maps , weather and more

– Google Fitness Support categories , calories , steps , distance , sleep measurements

– Native music applications (current song title , album , cover)

– The air feels the cold weather , temperature and more

– RSS and free XML / Xpot / Text download

– Task support

– A large amount of data to display: date , time , battery (with time estimate) , calendar , astronomy and sunrise , sunset , light , startup features , CPU speed , memory , countdown , wifi and cellular status , traffic information , next alarm , This wallpaper app is available as an app full of location , moving speed , ROM / device info and many more update features.

Review of KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key Mod Apk 

Your phone already has exclusive wallpapers and great wallpaper images in all genres. This app also wants your wallpaper to be in HD quality and your phone wallpaper to be of higher quality than all your friends and relatives. Your favorite landscapes , hand drawn sketches , world wonders and various Mickey Mouse pictures.

Children playing photos of you as a wallpaper you want to install for you exclusively all the features of this apple world, and about a million more people to download and you are using this opportunity to use 99 fee will be paying more in which all the nations of the time set and the current climate, temperature and you will be close to It acts as a wallpaper app that includes all the features like Tower in and downloads this Opinion.

Many users have rated this year as one of the highlights, giving it a 4.6 star rating and all the reviews given for this year are excellent and you can use this app to use all your imaginary images as wallpaper and if you do not have the desired wallpapers you can set this app as your favorite wallpaper. The uniqueness of this app is that when requests are made, they update all the wallpapers in your favorite imagination and send them to your e-mail.

What's new

- New icon
- Translations up



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