JCheater: Vice City Edition Apk Download v1.7 For Android

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If you enjoy the JCheater vice city edition app car theft and its accompanying chase experience then this is sure to increase your entertainment time as it is the best chasing addition to your App Theft Auto Vice City game.


Please note: This is an unofficial third-party application designed to include cheats in the GTA Vice City game. No large-scale games are included.


The keyboard in the game shows a list of cheats available when you open your keyboard. Finding and escaping them The highlight of this app is that it no longer requires a physics keyboard, creating a situation where everyone can be fooled.

Important things to note about Apple: Some devices fail to handle game cheats and often your keyboard is closed. If this happens frequently to your liking, you have 15 minutes to withdraw money using the Play Store. To minimize this problem, detect and use cheats without “restarting” a “loaded” storage.



1. Open the cheat app and press “Start Cheater”.
2. Start the game.
3. Press the new “Cheat” button at the top of the screen while in the game.
4. Find the cheat you like.
5. Open screen Key board (on the keyboard) Enter it.
6. When you finish playing, reopen the cheat app and press “Stop Cheat” to remove the “Cheat” button otherwise you will not be able to exit.


Please note: Some combinations of cheats can be used to close the game e.g. Build multiple cars in one place and use multiple weapon cheats at once. The special feature of this app is that you can pay according to your personal preferences and then withdraw it if you do not need it. It has only been given a 3.5 star rating by the users of this app.

It remains to be seen whether they will come forward to pay 0.99 USD for this app as a fee. It is somewhat satisfying to use the updates given in these. Report grievances. The site Jdroid@live.co.uk is provided. Many people have underestimated the value of this app as it has not been given definitive answers. It is somewhat surprising that this app has been downloaded by more than one million people worldwide.



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