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Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Android Phone or Tablet. Record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs.
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5 March 2021
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Would you like to listen to your singing skills with background music but you have the talent to play the background music Do you have any regrets Do you believe that I can become a better singer if I have only the best background music Can you listen to a simple song and sing to the background music of that song then for you This App Developed Exclusively.

Although the idea is that every human being can sing a few songs or try some slightly smaller chords to suit the music, many people are not able to express that effort effectively but the idea of ​​honing the talent within themselves is what this app does to give you that curiosity that many have.

A quick way to compensate for your voice and the speakers within you from your brain. Create and store complete multi-track music programs on your Android phone or tablet. It features various features such as recording, sorting, editing, mixing and presenting complete songs.

Exclusively for this app Highlights:

  • Quality High quality synthesizers, model, drum instruments and cut-loop beats
  • Mix includes a wide range of effects for improving your composition (see below)
  • Step Sequence for Fast Rhythm Programming
  • Configurable virtual piano-keyboard & drum straps
  • Class compatible midi controller support. Read tools and link for handles / sliders
  • ID MIDI file import and export (single track or multi track) Audio recording, track-length cord / wow import Ix Mixer: Per-Track Disable, Separate, Effect Bus, Pan and Volume Adjustment & Piano Roll Editor to insert notes and rings or edit recorded performances
    Screen Intuitive screen layout that can work with all screen resolutions and sizes.
  • Save and load your songs and export to WAV, MP3 & FLAC Load your projects into the FL STUDIO Plugin version of this App #
    WiFi sharing programs with other FL Studio mobile Android, iOS and Windows applications and useful Many in-app purchases such as Fullscreen DeX & Chromebook support are completely updated.
  • Includes in-app purchases for some sample library content for the FL Studio Mobile Direct Wave sample player. However you can load your own content and you do not need to buy the content if you want to create your own.
  • Added tool modules (all generators modules included): Drum Model, Directwave Model Player, GMS (Grove Machine Synth), Transistor Pass, Minicint & Supersap and many more Featured Added Module (All Effects Modules included): Auto Tucker, Auto-Pitch ( Pitch correction), chorus, compressor, limiter, distortion, parameter balancer, graphic balancer, flunger, reverb, tuner (guitar / voice / inst), high-pass / low-pass / band-pass / format (vox) filters, delays , Various unique features such as pacer and stereo are included.
    Want to try FL STUDIO MOBILE?
  • Install FL STUDIO 20 for MacOS / Windows and use the FL Studio Mobile Plugin. This is similar to the application. Get FL Studio here: http://www.image-line.com/downloads/flstudiodownload.html
    Guide / Support / Tutorial / Videos


Purchas In-App Purchases – The app has a store (content and additional synths).
Location (Google Mandatory) – Access the Bluetooth Low Energy (PDL) connection. Allow BTLE a ‘Location’ because it can guess your location from nearby BT devices. We use BTLE for MIDI keyboards. FLM will not send your location to ours or other servers. See:
Photos / Media / Files – FL Studio accesses mobile audio files. We do not access photos or any other media other than audio formats (such as .wav, .mp3).
Microphone – FL Studio can record audio. The mic is the default input for your devices.
Bluetooth – FL Studio supports mobile Bluetooth MIDI controllers.


Register FL Studio Mobile to help you – To report bugs / issues or to register for the FL Studio Mobile forum for free DirectWave content, tap ‘Help> Users and Support Forums’:
We do not provide support for devices running custom ROMS. We will do everything we can to fix issues with you, using custom ROMS will not cause complex issues.


See: http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_plugin
Completely upgraded, this app will bring you music enthusiasm, musical sophistication and expressive ability in composing music with various updates such as Tempo, Equalizer Audio Mixer and Piano Guitar Violin.


This app fulfills your musical ability, your passion for music and your immense desire in music and it also has music settings of various musical instruments so you can compose music according to your song and you can record your favorite songs in remix form and send it to yourself or your friends and others you like This app will be very helpful to further develop the interest and you can browse the world of innovative music by injecting different music nuances into a single song as this apple has different music nuances. More than five lakh people have downloaded and used this app so far.

You will have to pay a fee of Rs 180 and this fee is a normal amount to stimulate your music interest and the benefit of downloading and using this app All of them have a 4.6 star rating and are well-recorded and are highly cited by this app which further develops the music and music sophistication and music interest. This app will definitely help you to develop your music sophistication and promote your singing skills.

What's new

Various bug fixes.



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