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21 January 2019
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Want to test your brain ability ? Do you think it would be better to have an app to measure the speed of your thinking ability ? This app will give you the best contribution to increase the unique capacity of your brain.

The Ultimate Brain Booster is a collection of Final Beats for Relaxation and Focus.This application is provided by FactTechz .

Ultimate Brain Booster painaral a set of Beats , which is a kind of quiet and pleasant music , which help restrain your mind. With the help of this app , you can: Test your thinking and test your brain Improved features have been updated.

Relax and calm your mind with relaxing music.

Help your study sessions with quiet study music.

Meditate quietly with meditative music.

– More ..

There are 5 types of Final Beats.

Its main features are:

Delta waves: Sleep

Theta Waves: Deep Meditation

Alpha waves: Relaxation

Beta waves: Concentration and cognition

Gamma waves: intelligence and memory and

You do not have to worry about frequency systems and technical sections , because we have arranged the final pulses according to their effects on the human brain.

Final beat science is very simple. One sound frequency in one ear , and another sound frequency in the opposite ear , creates a two-tone effect in the middle of the brain , which is actually considered a tone. It has an “entry” effect on the brain , which has a variety of results including relaxation , reduced anxiety , memory loss , and increased intelligence (long-term).

Listed here are some official scientific studies on Final Beats.







Special Note:

Always wear earrings or headphones when listening to Final Beats to enjoy greater performance.

By users who have used this app

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What should my pose be when listening to these tracks ? And volume ? And earrings ?

Answer: You can do your job (any work) and listen to these beats at the same time. But if you sit in one place and listen to it in ‘ meditative pose ’ , it will increase its effectiveness. This applies to all music.

With regard to earphones , you can use any earring or pillow you like. Final Beats works on any and every earring or large headphones.

Q2. What is the time limit for a day ?

Answer: You can hear any pulse for 10 minutes. 10 minutes per class is actually more than enough. But if you have free time , you can listen to a beat 3 times in a row. 30 minutes is the general limit. You should not listen to each pulse more than 3 times , i.e. 10 × 3 = 30 minutes.

Q3. Can I hear all the pulses one by one ?

Answer: If you like , you can listen to another music after 1 hour of listening to any music . The interval between each track may be 1 hour. Your mind must have enough time to process each pulse effectively.

Q4. What is the best time to listen to these tracks ?

Answer: Anytime! You can listen to these tracks anytime , anywhere. But the truth is , morning is the best time to listen to the final beats. Morning is a divine time , so you can connect more with yourself spiritually.

Q5 How long does it take to realize results ?

Answer: It depends! Everyone’s mental structure is different. But if you listen to any music for 10 minutes (according to your goal) every day without any skip day , you should start to feel the results after 3 to 4 weeks.

Q6. I am a student , which pulse is best for me ?

The study was developed exclusively for music students , you are a student who needs to hear. During the night , your mind is relaxed restrain you can listen to music , the next day, your mind works best.

Bought Ultimate Mind Boosters , the comment section to give your opinion!

Test and use your ability to think happily and healthily.

Review of  FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster – Binaural Beats Mod Apk

Using this app you will know the thinking ability of your mind and you will know the list of all the processes and diets required to enhance it and the need to improve it. Many people who have downloaded and used this app have given great reviews as the best quizzes are brain friendly.

App users have been given a 4.4 star rating for this app . Download this app and test your brain power with Indian currency worth Rs. 199 to be paid as a fee. This app has been downloaded and used by over fifty thousand people from all over the world. This is the best app to test your brain power.


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