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31 March 2021
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The dungeon is an exciting mix of security and rookieville.The Apogee Edition of Dungeon of the Endless features a full game and five DLCs.Dungeon of the Endless: apoji The game has many special features , it sinks in that dungeon lovers immediately.

The game is built in the style of dungeon-defense and rogue , so the player’s task is to protect the dungeon center from numerous attacks from enemies. Players can use many different units to defend , and players will gradually open up new content for players to upgrade their army and defend more aggressively.

And expanding the bunkers , defense lines, developing characters and the players become more productive equipment and the introduction of weapons systems. Game content is creative and completely innovative , keeping players in a passive state , but constantly stimulating their tactical abilities in any situation.

The Roquelike genre is always thankful for its endless and innovative system , which allows players to enjoy the game endlessly , but with randomly generated levels after each attempt. The player’s dungeon core will fail when faced with strong opponents , but the player has the opportunity to open useful offers or attributes , improve the power of things and get special content.

That algorithm is widely used , and even the structure of the dungeon changes with each attempt , and the player does not know what to face behind the doors. Also , the reward system is varied , giving players extra options to build a powerful team to fight all dungeon enemies.

Over time , the player’s sequence will gradually expand and appoint new characters , which will allow players to become more creative in overcoming and completing challenges. The interesting thing is that each hero has its own characteristics based on strength , skills and equipment used , which creates versatility and diversity in the combat team.

During the trip , the players would collect the coins , and the updates , unlock, and several factors are used , thus allowing players to expand their hero line. When the player qualifies for each hero , the game opens up special content for the heroes , and the player can open or customize them to improve the overall performance of the team.

Puts players in an inactive position and must defend countless enemy attacks to protect the center. However , the player’s party can move freely in the dungeon to wipe out everything. The fighting mechanics of the game are automatic , and players can control each unit manually , which can be very flexible or defensive.

The diversity of teams ’abilities will play an important role in defense , and the player must develop plans in a reasonable manner to sustain or complete .

Gather a group

Create a group of heroes , each with their own strengths (and attitudes)

Cittappatuttunkal them , assemble them , with powerful capabilities Leverage

Manage the balance between ex-prisoners and guards.

Build your defenses ,

Use the collected dust to power the rooms ,

Use the scarce resources to help your team survive ,

Create small and large blocks to block the waves of monsters.

Decode endless ruins to find life-saving technologies.

Open the door ,

Every door is dangerous , be prepared for anything for you and your team.

Explore and discover the infinity of levels and layouts ,

Move your crystal through the waves of monsters and exit from each level ,

Fight the way to the surface to discover the truth about Arica.

Review of  Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee Mod Apk

Almost everything in the game can be upgraded endlessly and opened up with new variants , including heroes with special modules , even surprising elements that greatly affect the game. During the journey , the player can collect various items and equipment , and the game will vary according to the types of heroes in the party.

With the obtained items , players can use them as weapons and equipment and upgrade the combat power of the heroes to new heights. The dynamics of fraud and craft tools are unique and deep , which makes the content of the game almost endless and has many possibilities for players to explore.

The game of Tangion of the Endless: Apogee is unique and innovative , the perfect combination of dungeon-defense and rookieville , and new adventure for players with many additional contents. Gives. The ability of this game is almost endless and is constantly evolving for players to enjoy the dark and hopeless adventures of the dungeon.

Also , the graphics and visuals of the game are retro style , which makes the atmosphere of the game very special and unique. It makes for an excellent entertainment game. It also has over 5k+ users on the Google Play Store . More than 5 to   4.6 , the star rating is.

What's new

Quality of life update
- Upscale texts
- Construction window extended
- Upscale resources top bar
- New pause button
- New character selection
- Auto-close construction panel when selecting heroes, doors or special modules
- Upscale tutorial
- Fix biography panel
- Add a pop up to fix permission issues
- Minor fixes



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