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The fastest PS2 emulator in global. The only PS2 emulator on Android. Just like using PPSSPP emulator to run PSP games on the smartphone, you can also use the DamonPS2 emulator to run PS2 video games. The DamonPS2 emulator can smoothly run PS2 video games on Snapdragon 835845 smartphones (such as Samsung Galaxy S9S8Note8) and is compatible with more than 90% of PS2 games (with a few graphics bugs).
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19 November 2020
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Also this App is easy to use on all types of phone models , this is  PPSSPP.

Global Fastest BS 2 emulator for your ponil appanatu the  Android OS  on the same PS2 model smartphone to run on the PSP games are similar to those used pipiesespipi emulettaraip , ps 2 video games operating Damon BS 2 emulator used. Damon BS 2 emulator Snapdragon 835 \ 845 smartphones Samsung Galaxy S 9 \ S 8 \ Note 8 as models ps 2 video games to run smoothly can , and it’s 90% more than ps 2 games, with a few graphics bugs, although this App for all its models compatible.

Compatible with any models

13965 ps 2 games , Damon BS 2 emulator ps 2 games 90% more likely to be able to run some graphics errors occur, and provides excellent contribution , Damon BS 2 emulator ps 2 games for 20% more than fits.

Differences between the normal PPSSPP version and the Pro version

Important Notice: You Damon BS 2 free edition Pro license After purchase , the advanced feature, you enjoy , and other paid download on Google Play Damon BS 2 Bro compared the purchase , both designed by the company for using the same are not different.

Of course , you pay the money tamanpies 2 of using the free version. But the free version has some functional limitations.

The differences between fee and free are as follows

* Ps 2 game before the start of the process of this has been everything you want to insert ads.

* If you want to support 1080p / 720p HD rendering then you need to download and use the Pro version.

* This app was created specifically to support compatible hardware.

* Support saving game-progress through memory card and more

* Support more real-time game-progress-slot to save more game progress.

* Support cheat-codes.

Contains all updates such as this PPSSPP.

The fee is very low compared to other apps in the market and is also suitable for use with more updates.

Releasing updated versions every 2 ~ 3 weeks will help increase the capacity of your phone. Unlike pipiesespipi emulettaraip , present , Damon BS 2 emulator’s level is still at an early stage. For more information ,  visit the official website:




Supported feature

– Supported 2 X ~ 5 X BS- 2 resolution ( 1080p HD)

– Supported widescreen games ( 16: 9)

Supported gamepad – similar to the PPSBP emulator

Avoid the supported BIOS boot game

Supported Multi-Threading Accelerator – Violate PBSBP.

Supported NEON Accelerator – Similar to PPSSPP

Multi-format game ROM supported , add: -. iso \ bin \ img \ nrg

Future support data feature

– Future support cheat-code

– Includes future support frame-exceptions

– No Future Support-BIOS File Startup Game ROM – Similar to PBSBP Emulator

– Future support 16: 9 mode

– Future support mipmap

– Future Support Game Vibration – Violate the PPSBP emulator

– Future support import / export Memicard file (compatible Pcxs2)

– Future support acceleration of MEPG2, ARM-v8, Vulkan API

– Future support BS 2 Games 95% perfectly compatible

In the future , Damon BS 2, the current frame rate, than the 2x ~ 10x the speed of executing the game. If you want new features to be realized quickly , please finance your purchase!

Hardware Requirement

– Android 5.0 +

– Moderate use of OpenGL ES 3.0+ etc.

About Game ROMs and BIOS:

The downside is that due to legal restrictions ,  no game ROM and BIOS image is provided to players.

Future Goals

A year later , snapdragon 660 more than the hardware configuration of the Android phone , Damon BS 2 BS 2 games 90% full with hpiremret ( 50 ehppies +) runs. Also , Damon BS 2 BS 2 games 90% perfect compatibility is guaranteed to run with. The fact that there are no graphics errors is somewhat comforting.

Therefore , the mobile phone models of the best combinations in the Damon BS- 2 prototype and is pipiesespipi prototype. Namely, BS 2 emulator and emulator for the PSP. Note: Damon BS- 2, the prototype is not a PSP emulator. Users need to realize that.

Special Note

If you want to increase the game frame rate by 10 ~ 40% , delete the “Thermal Engine” file in the Android system.

Tamanpies 2 I would like to help translate from English to your native language , please send email to: DamonPS2outlookcom

Tamanpies 2 piarcina copyrighted. All rights reserved. Is its best feature.

Review of DamonPS2 Pro – PS2 Emulator – PSP PPSSPP PS2 Emu Mod Apk 

This is the best app to increase the speed of your phone. This App provides the best application on all models. This app makes excellent contributions on many popular models . This app has over one lakh users from all over the world.


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