Bilfy Icon Pack Apk Download [Paid/Mod] v2.0 For Android

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This app called Billy icons pack is designed for your phone’s home screen Give your home screen a new look with the new and beautiful * Philfi * Icons Pack Get the highest rating for your phone.

Billy Icon Pack is all about modern, colorful, vibrant, gradient, and beautiful delight icons that match your beautiful home screen.

Important You need third-party starters to use this icon pack.

Features of Bilfi Icon Pack

  • Clean, beautiful dashboard
  • 20 720+ crafts to handle carefully and many more are to come
  • X 192 x 192 mega pixel High-resolution icons and your phone
  • Home 10 craft customized wallpapers to match icons as seen on your home screen
  • Major wallpapers support all major entries as recent
  • Weekly updates
  • Icon request tool
  • Icon Preview & Search Completely three-dimensional image-like visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions about this App

Il The word yes is the answer to the question of whether the original icon of an app is so modern and beautiful with rounded shapes and vibrant gradient colors, while the Philfi icons pay close attention to keeping the integrity and branding of the original icon intact.

You can request up to 10 icons per week if you need the best icons. Your requests will be given due attention and then the theme will be delivered soon.

Invaluable icons in large numbers. Requests from different users will be thematic first.

If there is an icon on the Icon Dashboard, you can download and use it immediately. If you have any problems with your launcher and you have not applied to App Creators, please send an icon request from the Dashboard. Get them fixed as soon as possible. As given in the separate email.

Special thanks

1. Zahir Figueroa (for dashboard)
2. Akshat Sharma (to suggest the beautiful name of Icon Pack)
3. Yogesh Goswami (From his ‘Joy Walls’ wallpaper application for making previews to that beautiful landscape background)
4. Heartfelt thanks to all the testers who provided me with consistent support throughout this entire journey
(Sangam, Kashish, Yudhajit, Vishal, Mani, Summit, Nitin, Yogi G Anand, Cherry Marquee, Mr. J)

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This app is for getting a separate iPhone for your mobile phone. True, this is one of the best apps for your phone. The color has been updated so that you can download it once you realize that your mobile phone will have a unique status only if you change the normal icons first.

Even though it is only downloaded and used by a small number of users in India, the app has been given a 4.8 / 5-star rating by the users and your icon looks unique. You can protect your privacy and confidential messages by fitting the best icons on your computer screen or phone screen. It is one of the best apps currently in the Indian Android market, especially at the forefront of logo matching.


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